Voice-Control and Chatbots are about to Disrupt the Enterprise

Susie - conversation

AI-based chatbots make every action in our lives seamless. With the rise of voice-controlled devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google's Home, Zuznow rapid mobile development platform introduces an integrated Siri-like plugin that empowers enterprises create a conversational UI for every app in just a couple of hours.

AI has become a crucial element in our consumer lives. Chatbots and voice-controlled Siri-like-Assistants are changing the way we interact with apps and even consume products and services. The enterprise market doesn’t want to lag behind and is looking to adopt more and more AI technology to improve its capabilities and efficiency. However, high costs and limited resources are delaying and even fully eliminating such projects.

To solve that problem, Zuznow, an AI-based mobile app development platform, is leading the next generation of conversational app creation with the introduction of Susie, world's first intelligent assistant plugin that brings voice-control and chatbots to any enterprise mobile app within hours. With no special AI or mobile skills, financial institutions, municipalities, insurance and health care organizations can now build their own in-app conversational intelligent assistant and enjoy leading their markets.

A big focus for Zuznow is to empower enterprises to react in real-time to market UI and UX trends, with the goal to continuously increase their clients' engagement.

Chen Levkovich, CEO and founder of Zuznow

The company’s demo-video shows how Susie is integrated into a complex online-banking app, where it helps the users navigate within the app, learn about their balance and commerce transactions. Susie is set to increase user-engagement by more than 50% in every app.

Gartner’s latest report concludes that “by 2018, 30% of our interactions with technology will be through "conversations" with smart machines. Product leaders at technology and service providers need to invest now to improve currently limited voice interfaces.” (Gartner, Market Trends: Voice as a UI on Consumer Devices — What Do Users Want?, April, 2015, Foundational September 2016)

​Zuznow, that has built its rapid mobile application development based on advanced AI technology, to provide faster and more scalable development in a way not humanly possible, continues to unleash the power of AI, helping IT Directors to leverage their in-house web-development skills to create premium mobile apps with native added-value, using only jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

“A big focus for Zuznow is to empower enterprises to react in real-time to market UI and UX trends, with the goal to continuously increase their clients’ engagement," said Chen Levkovich, CEO and founder of Zuznow.  “We designed Susie to do just that; users expect this level of sophistication when using an app, whether in their personal or professional lives and this latest capability allows our clients to deliver with little coding.”

About Zuznow

Zuznow uses the power of artificial intelligence to automate the development of mobile apps for customers and employees on smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. The company helps enterprises who will not compromise on their mobile experience deploy omni-channel development projects with speed and scalability not humanly possible, improve user engagement and adoption by 300%, reduce time-to-market by 90%, increase KPIs, while keeping pace with the latest technologies. For more information, visit: zuznow.com.​

Zuznow was included in various Gartner reports over the last couple of years. In their latest report on RMADs (September 2016) Zuznow was listed one of only 3 vendors that provide all product capabilities and native app functionalities required in the enterprise.

Source: Zuznow