BlogsRelease Launches An Online Press Card for Bloggers

BlogsRelease recently launches "The 2014 edition" online Press Card for bloggers.

A new initiative by BlogsRelease: Bloggers can now claim their Press Card for 2014.

About the new Press Card scheme:
Bloggers' reporting and event coverage has become a major interest for brands and marketing managers. Bloggers today are considered prime influencers: "..Blogs rank favorably with consumers for trust, popularity and even influence" (Social Media Examiner,Technorati)

The Press Card makes it easier for bloggers to identify themselves professionally, and at the same time makes it easier for event organizers to welcome and connect with bloggers arriving to cover their event - so they would be able to spread the word to their followers - on their blog and social media channels.

The Press Card is issued for free to registered bloggers on the BlogsRelease platform. The Card is issued digitally and suitable for presenting on either a mobile phone or tablet.

Press Cards are not a new concept of course, however, traditional media gatekeeper have not been encouraging bloggers to join their pass schemes. At BlogsRelease we of course recognize the increasing need for bloggers - as primary media workers - to introduce themselves in the course of their work at trade shows, conferences, museums, concerts, and other public gatherings. By issuing the card, BlogsRelease aims to empower bloggers and supply them with a indispensable tool for their media work.

Dani Finkelstein, Co-Founder BlogsRelease says: "I've seen bloggers struggling to get proper access to media information, during numerous international Tech conferences I have participated in the last couple of years. I ran the Press Card idea by bloggers in our community, with whom we have close professional cooperation, and they were very excited about it. I truly believe the Press Card will become a valuable tool for bloggers worldwide."

As a blogger Press Card holder one would be granted better access to relevant information for their digital journalism practice - the Press Card ensures they would be better supplied with backstage passes, interview opportunities, exclusive photos and data, and more.

About BlogsRelease:
BlogsRelease is a digital platform which distributes content and news to bloggers.
For brand managers & PR agencies, the website functions as an innovative digital platform to distribute news to bloggers, in a professional manner. The BR - Blogs Release is a kit containing all relevant information, photos, videos and links about the brand, making it easy for bloggers to write about the brand. The system requires basic registration after which you can submit the BlogsRelease (BR) and it would be sent as a newsletter, only to the relevant bloggers in your field.

For bloggers, the site functions as an up-to-date professional source of information. Following their application, bloggers would start receiving a custom-made newsletter with items on the subjects they defined as relevant. All the content is kept on the platform's cloud for bloggers' ease of use.

Upon application, we review every blogger's credentials and stats upon registration, and make sure they receive all the relevant news uploaded by brands to the platform, in a clear and user-friendly format.
Registration to the platform is free.

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