Beautiful Calendar Is Proud to Launch Beautiful Calendar Browser Extension

Beautiful Calendar helps users keep organized in style.

Once upon a time, everyone had pretty wall calendars to help keep their homes and themselves organized. Beautiful Calendar (BC) has taken a modern day approach to organization and migrated that pretty wall calendar online. With a click of a button, users can sync their Facebook events as well as Google Calendar. 

Users can also choose their favorite from a number of themes, including sports, cats, dogs, artists, flowers, and more. Forgetting a meeting, event, or birthday will be a thing of the past. No more out of sight, out of mind! BC is easy to use - by simply adding the extension to their favorite browser, users will see their calendar on the search homepage.

The browser extension can be added here.

About Beautiful Calendar: 

BC was started by a group of people in Tel Aviv who wanted to keep organized in style. The group has worked in the technology and internet industry for over 2 decades and has a large portfolio of successful apps and browser extensions. BC contacted the best artists and designers and asked them: What does a special day look like? As a result, BC has dozens of heartwarming themes to choose from.


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