4 Tips for Running a Successful Business Blog

As all netizens know, there are many types of blogs. Some people blog for years for just the satisfaction of getting their thoughts out, or are happy to keep the blog as a small hobby to be read amongst friends and family, while others want to monetize their blog for a bit of supplementary income. However, business blogs are a different animal, as the goal is not personal enjoyment or monetization but turning it into a real discussion hub with a vast and engaged audience in order to market the brand. How does one go about creating a blog with such a goal in mind? Consider some of our tips below to help you get started.

  • Strategy

If you are going to run your blog like a business, it’s time to plan like a business and develop a strategy. Start with creating a publishing calendar and sticking to it. Try to include a variety of content. Rather than just short daily posts, mix it up with infographics, lists, guest posts, and even videos.

"It will have zero effect if your audience members don't find the subject interesting enough to click and read about."

Eti Finkelstein, CEO

Note your view and share count and try to increase it every time. It may take a while to see results, but the most important thing for your strategy is consistency. Always strive to improve and tweak your calendar and content as you move forward.

  • Content

It’s the age old question in any field of marketing and communication – how do you get the reader’s attention? And when you get it, how do you keep it? Whether you’re writing a blog post, a press release, or a pitch to influencers for your blogger review campaign, it will have zero effect if your audience members don’t find the subject interesting enough to click and read about. It’s your job to make it fascinating enough to encourage people to read the whole thing. In fact, this is easier said than done!

The trick is to create content that appeals to your audience. How do you do it? By researching who your audience is and what they already read. Use your own analytics to see which posts get the most traction and go from there. If there are blogs dealing in similar subject matter study them and see what kind of content gets the most shares and take inspiration.

  • Engagement

It’s not just up to readers to engage – it’s your responsibility as well. When someone comments on your posts, reply! Get conversations going and try to create a real community around your blog. Don’t forget to extend this behavior to your other social media platforms – retweet and like your followers’ posts, comment on facebook, and so on.

Do a little self promo and engage with other bloggers as well. Your blog does not exist in a vacuum; it is part of a thriving digital community. Take advantage and talk to fellow bloggers. See if they accept guest posts or are willing to collaborate with you on an article. One viral hit may be all it takes!

  • Marketing

If marketing your blog seems like a difficult and daunting task, take it one day at a time with a content marketing plan. Start by creating social media accounts to promote your blog posts and make sure to cross-post your content. If you have a great informative long post on your blog, for example, transform it into an eye-catching infographic for Twitter and Instagram to encourage shares. Partner with brands and influencers that address a similar audience and exchange guest posts for promotion and exposure.

Finally, keep it simple and don’t forget to link other articles for your blog in all your posts. Your business blog should be focused enough to allow all your articles to be somewhat connected under a common theme, so don’t stray too far from your topic. Become an expert in your field and your audience will start to take notice.

Do you have any business blogging tips to share?

Source: BlogsRelease.com